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Our Process



When a client approached with the idea of creating a website, we first inquired them what kind of website they want us to make for them? To get the general ideas of the website, so we can make the concept designs for it.



Once the concept ideas are approved by the client, we will proceed to refining the concept ideas’ design further. Our team of excellent designers will then implement the concept into the logo design, widget, animation etc on the website.



Once we’ve through with designing phase, we’ll proceed with building the website by inserting all of the widgets, logo and theme our designers had designed. Meanwhile, our technical team will make sure the contents are filled and the website is free of bug and the sorts.



After every bits are set in place and the website is stable, the world will be presented with a new and awesome website.


Firstly before anything else, we’ll create a unique logo, name and theme for your e-commerce website/mobile that people won’t soon forget. It will stuck in people’s minds and strike as unique, different, and attractive which will make people remembers about your website/mobile app always.

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Then, our content team will create engaging contents for the website and the technical team will make sure the website is responsive and free from bugs. If your website is an e-commerce website, our technical team will sure every buttons function properly, every products are in their respective categories, the cart and checkout page are smooth, and make the website domain is stable, should it face downtime during development, we will bring it back up ASAP.

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SEO Support

Our SEO team will implements relevant and most search keywords (relating to your website/mobile app nature of business) which will prompt Google to lead people to your website/mobile app. So, what are waiting for? Contact us and we’ll that business of yours soar through the Net!

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