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It’s A Jungle Out There

It’s easy to get lost in the internet. What you’ll need is a guide to help navigate you through this virtual jungle. With the right tools and strategies, your business will have a clear path for bringing in more traffic, leads, and conversions.

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Our Work

Since establishing our company, we’ve been completing loads of different projects. Have a look at some of our work below!

Web Design and Development Company Malaysia

Amazing Clients

We might be a small company, but we’ve helped titans from different industries and we’re glad to be apart of their success. We hope to be part of yours too!

How Our Digital Zoo Began

Our web design and digital creative adventures began with one single man with ideas of creating a company that is more than just digital marketing. Thus, he sought out talented individuals to help him.

And in the year 2010 is the official establishment of Digital Zoopedia Sdn Bhd, a digital creative agency/company in Malaysia lead by six talented youngsters. Why digital creative? It is because we, Digital Zoopedia, is more than just a web design company in Malaysia. We provide other services such as search engine optimization (SEO), mobile app development, and social media marketing.

Through our other three services, we can help your business grow from a young pup to an alpha, stand on the same ground as your competitors within your industry.

Wondrous Web Design Company

We as a digital creative agency (web design company) believe that website is the very face your business, so it must not only aesthetically pleasing but in terms of functionalities as well. That is why we aim to provide both form and function for all of our clients. Our web design team will make sure that your website’s design will take full advantage of the platform it’s built on, easy to navigate through, and modern design.

SEO Service: The Guide To Your Business Website

A great looking web design would be a waste if no one knows about it or discover about it, but this where our wild and wondrous search engine optimization service comes into play. Think of it as signboards or flyers that will direct people to your website, without it your site will merely sit there and left undiscovered. If you let this remain situation for a prolonged period of time, it will incur huge financial loss. So why not head over to our SEO service page, and make a difference today. It all starts with you!

Mobile App Development To Grow Your Business

And to further help your business to grow into a titan of the industry, we offer the mobile app development service because an app is the extension of your main website, and it can be accessible from anywhere, at anytime of the day. With high accessibility, your business can be quickly be discovered by people from around the world, boosting your business visibility within the market. And of course, when we talking about a mobile app, it’ll be access by people of all ages, hence it must be easy to be use.

That is why our mobile app development create apps that are user-centric, meaning it’ll be easy to be use and access. We’ll place the buttons ergonomically, so users can use it with only hand. The best part is our mobile app development team has the expertise and skills to use different mobile app development platforms such as Flutter, React etc. So with our team’s expertise and solid engineering skills, you do not have to limit your business one platform and targeted demographic.

Social Media Marketing That’ll Make People Talk About Your Business

Another awesome tool at our disposal to help your business reach more people is through social media marketing. Yes, our awesome social media team will utilize every major social media platforms so that your business visibility is increased significantly. If mobile app is the extension of your business, then social media is the place to promote and create awareness about the existence of your business to people. You use social media to connect with thousands of your customers/clients, upload stories, news and updates about your business so that people know what’s new and happening with you and your business. You can tease new products or services via social media, which will boosts the hype among your loyal customers/clients.

The business and marketing industry is slowly shifting towards the digital format, and the digital business and marketing industry is just as competitive as the former. Thus, you’ll want to get your business out there as soon as possible to results quickly. And this where all of our services can help your business do just that. Think of us one stop center for building your business website; we develop and design your website, we extend it via mobile app, utilize search engine optimization to increase your website’s visibility on Google Search Result page and promote it via social media, as we explained, the perfect tool for creating awareness about your business website.

Client visions and wants are, of course, our top priority but we will make sure our client’s ideas and visions are workable. We work closely and keep our client in the loop so that the most desirable result can be achieve. That is why we, Digital Zoopedia, believes that a good relationship, and communication between client and company are crucial in ensuring the project’s success and to achieve the best end result.

Our teams will realize your ideas and visions no matter how wild and ridiculous they are because we believe there is no such thing as being too ambitious.