Mobile app development

Mobile App Development

Keeping Up With

Your Customers

When They Need You. Where They Need You.

If you have a business with a website, a couple of social media accounts, and you’re looking to expand your influence or strengthen customer relationships, then a mobile app might be just what you need. Here’s why.

There are three reasons why you’ll want a mobile app.Firstly, it allows you to deliver updates and offers under one app, making it convenient for customers to keep up with you. Hassle-free!

Secondly, you can more effectively reach out to your customers. And thirdly, you’ll have a better marketing success knowing your efforts aren’t finding its way straight into the spam folder or being scrolled unnoticed.

Let’s get into details.

Best mobile app development company Malaysia


Widen Your Market Reach

An App For Two Systems

You won’t have to worry about neglecting iPhone users just because your app is built on Android. While our team is perfectly capable of native app development (creating apps specifically for one system), they’re also skilled at putting hybrid apps that work on both platforms. Deliver the value your customers deserve, no matter their phone choice.

  • Improved Market Accessibility

  • Stronger Brand Recognition

  • Flexible & Convenient


An Added Experience

Customize and Calibrate

A mobile app offers another way for your customers to experience your business. They can find tailored offers, personalized recommendations, and even have questions answered immediately – all while on the move. Combined with a smooth, easy-to-use layout and a design that matches your brand, then you’ve got yourself an asset that can create positive impressions.

  • Ergonomic App Design

  • Customized Experiences

  • Enhanced Marketing Capabilities


A Tool For Engagement

More Than Just Selling

Beyond increasing sales, your mobile app can be a tool for bringing customers together. You could organize events, engage in conversations, and listen to feedback. The ability to remain relevant to your customers apart from only offering deals makes having a mobile app that much more valuable.

  • Drive Engagement

  • Develop Trust

  • Fortify Your Brand

Mobile App Development

Ready To Take Your

Business On the Go?

Getting your mobile app is only a call away. So pick up the phone and let’s get started!

Best Mobile App Development Company In Malaysia

Hire the best mobile app development company in Malaysia. We have a team of the best mobile app developers at Digital Zoopedia. Having a mobile app for your business has become a necessity, if you do not have it you are pretty much killing your own business. Why? Because mobile app is the extension of your business, and it allows people from all over world to access your website at any time or anywhere.

We Are Your Top Mobile App Developers in Malaysia for mobile application development in your area. Another reason why it is important for your business to have a mobile app readied is that people today are always on the go and spend more time on their mobile devices than their desktop or laptop. Not to mention most mobile devices today are pretty much a mini-computer. You can do your work, order your food, book your hotels or movie tickets. Therefore, if you do not have mobile app development plan yet, it’s high time for you to come up with one.

Top Rated Mobile App Development Company In Malaysia, Why Do It?

Hire a top rated mobile app development company in Malaysia. Opening a non-mobile optimized website on your mobile devices not only have limited functions but also unpleasant layouts becausse it’s not properly optimized on certain devices. However, unlike a website, where your visitors will learn all about  your business, from when it was established, who’s running it, and how to put an order. So a website shows the whole of your business but opening and running a non-mobile optimized website on mobile devices is not very efficient because the view and widgets are not optimized for mobile viewing. In contrast, with a mobile app all the features will be optimized, hence it gives a better user experience.

We are the best mobile app developers and designers in Malaysia for your mobile app development. And our mobile app development team is an expert in creating a user-centric UI and UX. Because a good app will be able to provide good user experience which is hassle free transaction and smooth.

Experienced Mobile App Developers

Hire us now; experienced mobile app developers in Malaysia. Though, we often received clients that only want to create a mobile app for one specific platform only, it’s not until we tell them why limit themselves to one single platform, when you can do business on two or three different platforms? We dare to suggest such because our mobile app development team is skilled and knowledgeable in more than just one platform and tool kit.

Our mobile app development team work using a variety of platforms such as React, or Flutter; both offer their own keypoint of advantages in developing mobile app. This means we can help your mobile app business reach wider audience.

With solid skills and in depth knowledge for mobile app development, the Digital Zoopedia team of mobile app developers will create a business for you that is not only appealing but also offering great user experience as we focus on creating user-centric UI so that when people use your mobile app they will have a pleasantly hassle free experience from transitioning pages to the checkout process.

Create A Mobile App As An Extension Of Your Business

Mobile app development is good for your business because the app will help extend your business to a wider audience, establish better communication with your loyal customers and send promos, or send notifications for new products or services via pop up which is will be far more effective than emails. Mobile pop-up notifications are far more effective than emails because users will immediately notice it. However, with emails, well, it might end up in spam box and be deleted after a few days. So all those awesome promo emails will be wasted.

And that’s why our team of mobile app developers will create a creative and attractive pop notification icon because we want people to immediately notice your business. Additionally, our mobile app development team will make sure your app runs smoothly and naviagtes easily. Any messy UI in a mobile app will only chase users away. That’s why Digital Zoopedia mobile app developers team focus on developing a UI that is neat, easy to understand and smooth. In other words, a user-centric UI. A mobile app with user-centric design means the app’s overall layout and functionality is designed to suit the majority of users rather then forcing users to adapt and learn.

So our team will design the app layout and functionality according to how today’s users behave when using apps, depending on the mobile app type. Besides, our team will make the app accessible to users of all ages which is to easy-use. In addition, you have the choice of developing on one single platform or multiple platforms. Plus, our mobile app development team has what it takes to make an app available across different platforms or cross-platforms. Each of our mobile app developers is an expert in more than just one platform and tool kit, so why choose to do business on one when you can do on two?