E-Commerce Services Company: The Largest Part 2
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E-Commerce Services Company: The Largest Part 2

E-Commerce Services Company: The Largest Part 2

E-commerce also known as electronic commerce is the procurement and sale of goods and services through electronic networks, primarily on the internet or the transmission of funds or data. These E-Commerce Services Company with transactions can occur either as a business to the business (B2B), a business to the consumer (B2C), a consumer to the consumer or an entrepreneur. E-commerce is sometimes synonymous with words. The term e-tail is also sometimes used for transaction processes in online shopping.

These Are The 3 Largest E-Commerce Services Company Part 2

  1. eBay Inc. – The E-Commerce Services Company That Once Sold a Whole Town

The popular eBay with red, blue, green and yellow logo is a just cause sign of the 1990s amongst others. The embodiment of online shopping was one of the first booming companies. Created in San Hose, California in 1995, with a regular shopping service, the company often defines electronic selling services. With sales in 2018 amounting to about $11 Billion, eBay is the fourth biggest E-Commerce business in the country.

  1. Rakuten, Inc. – Japanese E-Commerce Godzilla

After a brief break from American businesses they shifted to Far East. In 1997 a Japanese from an E-Commerce group formed Rakuten. They run Japan’s largest online sector, in addition to money transactions and credit card purchases. The Rakuten Group owns approximately 70 companies, including the widespread instant messaging service Viber for FC Barcelona jersey logo as officially known as Rakuten Viber in 2017.

E-Commerce Services Company: The Largest Part 2

  1. B2W Companhia Digital – E-Commerce Company From the Beaches of Rio de Janeiro

This Brazilian online store is the largest of its kind in Latin America. B2W Companhia Digital’s market share is 50 per cent. Created in 2006, it is extremely successful and offers a wide variety of retail locations. A big change has been disclosed in the U.S. market. B2W Companhia Digital ‘s sixth-largest e-commerce organisation in the world generates more than $2 Billion of sales.

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