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E-commerce Website Design: The 3 Best Overall 

E-commerce Website Design: The 3 Best Overall 

Websites that create an exceptional user experience by brand consistency, clever, easy UX systems and fast checkout are given the best e-commerce website design in its entirety.

These Are The 3 Best Overall E-commerce Website Design:

  1. New Chapter (Best Overall Design Winner)

New Chapter, the business P&G, reflects the innovation, consumer satisfaction and overall e-commerce expertise of the DNVB. Provides its consumers and prospects a tailor-made travel experience. We have regularly used extensive A / B software to build the best user experience imaginable. The Next Section staffs, In less than a year, our shop has advanced from the $0 Brand Shop into a booming seven-figure network, thanks to our excellent site architecture.

  1. Bliss (Best Overall Design Finalist)

Bliss added a fun, youthful and vibrant feel to her online spa and food network. Using bright colours, fun animations and even gifs, the website welcomes you to explore, communicate and buy.

E-commerce Website Design: The 3 Best Overall 

  1. Bon Bon Bon (Best Overall Design Finalist)

Bon Bon Bon is a Detroit-based chocolate craftsman, with a strong personality and swagger. In order to showcase its creativity and reach web customers, Bon Bon Bon needed a complete transformation and flexible infrastructure when it wanted to expand its online footprint. The original Shopify software will not be used for developing and therefore reaching revenue targets. By transforming and redesigning a BigCommerce partner offering, Brand Labs has helped the Bon Bon Bon Group meet its visual and Ui goals.

The Department of Bon Bon declares that Brand Labs have created a cool, user-friendly website in the Bon Bon Bon style, the girls (a creative female group that keeps a hand-made stay in Detroit). Product Laboratories also collaborated with Web designers at Detroit’s Skidmore Studios. The team has developed a wonderful design option: Build a collection. This feature lets customers select their favourite products, add them to the box of bulk cartons and submit them anywhere they wish.

An exciting business for chocolate lovers maintains the right to create and grow an exclusive e-commerce store for its customers. Of Bon Bon Bon’s staff that launched in November 2017, from the start of the holiday season, Bon Bon Bon posted a stunning 415 per cent rise in sales annually. The next big test was on Valentine’s day, when saw an overall year-on-year increase of around 6 per cent that increased its sales by 74 per cent.