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Facts About Mobile Apps Development

Most users have smart telephones, so most users use them rather than mere telephones. This has lots of features and includes the portable mini-computer. Wondering which of these apps are the most popular? Will the average person use their mobile in a day or how often? Read on to find out all these answers and more as we explore interesting facts about mobile apps that you never knew!

Download-Related Facts 

  1. There are 269 Billion worth of download projections for applications in 2018 alone meaning that every person on Earth has at least thirty apps installed on their phone.
  2. Whatsapp is the most downloaded application with over 900 million downloads globally, meaning that the course of communication has changed from messaging to online chatting.
  3. The Google owned Play Store has close to 3 million applications readily for users to download
  4. Behind is the Apple owned App Store which has close to 2.3 million applications since Apple established strict publishing code for applications whereas Android does not.
  5. The Google Play Store has more cumulative downloads all over the world simply because there are more owners that use Android than those that owned Apple phones.

Monetary Facts

Maybe you would have thought that mobile applications do not really have a huge impact on revenue but you are wrong, it managed to accumulate over 70 billion in 2018. This is a huge increase from 2012 since it only managed to gain 20 billion. Mobile app developers typically earn their income through in-apps transactions or subscriptions. Over 50 billion has been paid to ios app developers in 2017 alone. You might guess which is the most profitable app, which is the popular game made by Supercell which is Clash Of Clans. Supercell has gained over 5 billion dollars since the launch which means they got close to 2 million a day. This shows how profitable app development can be.

Future Of Mobile Apps

By 2024, developments of mobile apps are projected to contribute more than 42 percent to revenue in Great Britain. This will make software production a key factor in driving the economy’s revenue. Advertising in apps is one of the growing generation sources of sales. By 2018, in-app sales are projected to raise nearly $16.9 billion. There was also an app “I Am Rich” charged $999.99. The only feature of this app was to reveal a dazzling gem with a strong message. Before the moderators in the App Store took down this app, 8 people had already bought and downloaded the app. This shows the future of mobile app development everywhere in the world.


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