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You ‘re searching for Android or iOS nice apps? If indeed, make it simpler with this most popular apps’ lists. For many years now, smartphone devices have become the subject of innovation. It is very challenging to stay competitive and relevant on  the ever-growing demand and emerging new technology. Due to the current state of the digital world, a number of applications are released on the playstore and app store every day. These mobile apps can be downloaded for business, communication , entertainment, education, games, etc. to make life comfortable and convenient.  Unfortunately, most of the most downloaded applications always crash, others are bad and only a handful of them are special and beneficial for the customer by standing out from the crowd. And these excellent applications lead to a revolution. Here is the list of the most popular mobile apps in Malaysia


In 400 cities in 70 separate nations around the globe, Uber is the world’s most popular on demand taxi service platform for passengers. It hires 8 million workers. Uber is a technology-based network that puts passengers and users together. The app helps users to get a ride without waiting a lot. By adding Google Maps to the app, they show the user where the cab is located and the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of the cab at the moment of reservation. With the inclusion (except for cash) of payment mode, linked to a credit or debit card and mobile wallet of the client the app service rendered payment mode incredibly fast. In fact, both the rider and the rider can rate each other after every trip and give their feedback.


Instagram allows people to connect easily through images and videos and with the right hashtags with other people. It is also best to use hashtags because that always increases the amount of followers.. Since its first appearance in 2010, Instagram’s prominence has continuously evolved. Moreover, app provides a range of opportunities for digital marketing through advertising and resources in social media. It is much stronger than Facebook and Twitter with more than 500 million active users. Instagram posts are 58 times more active than Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter when we look at the facts. Marketers love the platform because they always seek better ROIs for their businesses.


TikTok is a popular app created for creating and sharing short videos set to music by Beijing-based company ByteDance. Lip-synching and dance are the most common styles.  Then, any creators use it as the platform to challenge virals, emote and about well-known monologues from films and TV, or edit smart illusions. Its popularity can be judged by the fact that the app overcame other popular apps in its 2018 monthly installs, like Facebook , Instagram , YouTube and Snapchat. And by February 2019 it was downloaded globally a billion times. In October 2018, the parent company of Tiktok, ByteDance became the world’s high valued start-up, estimated at $75 billion