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Social Media

Our Process


The Drawing Board

Here’s where our social media manager will begin to draw marketing and advertising strategies on the drawing board to create awareness regarding your products or services among the people of the Internet.


The Execution

Once you, our client agreed to the strategies we’ve had developed, the assigned social media manager then will execute the plan in order to attract followers that matches the demographics and interests. We do this by preparing and uploading monthly contents.


The Optimization And Maintainance

The assigned social media manager and the rest of team will then do daily maintenance and optimization. Our team will monitor activities on the social media pages such as comments, messages, and reviews. We will also try to respond any inquiries within 24 hours of time.


The Reporting The Result And Communication

The social media manager we assigned to you will then prepare monthly report of your social media pages for you to review. You also will be updated of on our campaign progress 24/7.

The Digital Era

More than anyone, we grasp the critical importance of social media — a supreme, orbit-shifting hallmark of the digital era.

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So, what is Social Media actually?

It’s pretty much a no-brainer that the use of social media has propelled a world of businesses and companies to the forefront of stellar recognition. From making brands known to garnering oodles of traffic, social media are no less than a handy tool for rallying impressions and launching your name out there with a supernova ‘bang’.

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The Advent of Digital Marketing

Since the advent of digital marketing, social media platforms have become indispensable in top-notch marketing strategies and brand awareness campaigns. They drive communication to revolutionary heights, and are a fantastic means of drawing clients to your website from every concentrated puddle across the world-wide-webscape.

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Our Aim

We aim to connect you to your audience in the same ‘paw’-some way.

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