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Sorts of Web Developers and Their Responsibilities

 Types Of Web Developers

Internet has been an essential to people all over the world.  The coverage of the internet growing larger and larger, which can be accessed without border. Along with the time, web developers which are mostly young has chosen a career in this time being. Being a web developer or a programmer in a design company is quite tricky, but it is worth of the time and knowledge as the payment also attractive. As such, there are three types of web developers or programmers that were assigned according their job scope.

1. Front-End Developer

The first one is the front-end developer.  Those who is a front end developer will probably master at least three programming languages. Front-end developers have to make sure all of the contents are clear, readable, and put in the right place. They need to have content writing skills which allow them to create the content on the websites that they went. The colors must be arranged in the right place. Specifically the colors of the text, background and also the headers. They need to make sure the website are functioning, all buttons work accordingly, outbound links formatted correctly and the website itself responsive and attractive.

2. Back-End Developer

Next, the back-end developer, with quite harder tasks. Back-end developers have to deal with server-side, different from the front end developer. They have to create the code and programs which control the website’s server, databases, and any applications that it contains. It is crucial for the developer to create the most accurate, and efficient keywords so that the users can find the information in quickest way. The language used is different, much wider to build complicated programs including include PHP, Python, Java, and Ruby. The person should be more flexible, because different websites have different demands. So, the developer should be adequate to construct different programs, that is why they must have broad understanding about the language used.

3. Full Stack Developer

The last type is the full stack developer, which do both of front end and back end tasks which make them perfectly fit the web design developer position. Small websites usually hire this type because of budget. Being a full stack developer means that the person is able to create a whole website on own and will give more understanding between front ends and back ends of a website, which will make the website created efficiently and effective. Hence, the full stack defines what is a web developer.

These three types of developers are the rightest answer to the question, ‘what did the web developers do’. Overall, web developers have different job descriptions. Therefore to understand more, we should know all of them, and that is how a web developer work.