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What Social Media Marketing Agencies Do part 1

Social networking has taken over the internet , pushing businesses across different social networks to concentrate on marketing. The importance of a social presence has now started to be recognized.  In addition, the firms have begun investment in social media marketing in time , effort and money. This has given way to many opportunities for social media marketing and a boom in social media organisations. Digital media companies have come to the world with the only intention, on behalf of businesses and brands, to boost social media marketing. What does this “heavy lifting” mean? What are the agencies of social media doing? Do you like to invest in them? Please read to find out.

What actually do they do?

Social media firms take up the main roles of a company’s social media marketing. However, you don’t always find social media companies that provide your company with all the solutions you need. Then , hey can be divided into various services or groups, including:

Social media publishing

All (if not most) publications in social media in your company are dealt with by the department. Typically, the client and the organization settle on a number of roles per social network. They will then evaluate and examine your company’s famous social media content in the industry. After that, they will then create a calendar of content for those subjects. A strong social media app will most often help you do that.

Social media audit

Moreover, the firm analyzes the social media activity of the organization and determines the areas to be discussed. You will then recommend solutions to address problems in the existing strategy or develop a distinct social media marketing strategy unique to your business and industry. Alternatively, software for reporting in social media is also useful for such research.  Besides that,he Social Media Audit mainly gives you a detailed report on the success and failures of your social media profile. This also helps to identify the strength and weakness of the company that is necessary for their  growth. 


In the social media auditing process an overview of each social network is very relevant. They evaluate the participation rate and the traffic of each social media profile. We are primarily concerned with:

  • Followers
  • Reach and impressions
  • Low performing post
  • High performing post
  • Analyze overall sentiment of user’s comment
  • Consider amount of traffic that come from other platform


Here are some brief about what social media marketing agencies do. Stay tuned for part 2.