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4 Best Mobile App Design Tools/Platform

4 Mobile App Tool/Platform For App Designers

Whether you are just starting out or an already established mobile app designer, you will need to know which mobile app design tool to use and which is suitable for app development.

It is imperative for mobile app designers to look for and use mobile app development tools that will assist app development and produce a worthwhile result. 

Of course, you still have to factor in your mobile app design skills in the equation, not merely dependent on app development tools for a great result.

Though having app development tools at your disposal will make app development less tedious. You won’t have to manually write and sketch wireframes on papers which have a high risk of being misplaced or ruined. 

However, there are tons and tons of mobile app design tools out there, so it wouldn’t be ideal for you to try each one out as some even require you to subscribe. We have listed 5 best mobile app development tools (in our opinion) for you to check out. 


A MacBook based UI/UX lightweight mobile app development tool for modern app designers. It mainly functions for prototyping your app design, so it would come in handy when you want to share your current prototype with clients. 

As mentioned earlier, Sketch is a lightweight app development tool; the download size is only about 20 megabyte, thus it won’t take much of your system resources and space.

Another good thing about Sketch is that it exports assets very fast, meaning you will save a lot of time. Sketch can be paired up with Adobe Photoshop for photo/image editing. Allowing you more room for creativity. But it doesn’t have an animation function, so you will be unable to edit animations/videos. 

If you are wondering whether it is a free mobile app development tool or not; the answer is that it is a paid tool. Once you have purchased it, you only need to renew Sketch yearly. 


BuildFire is a great app development tool and platform for mobile app designers to work as it allows working app designers to create a working prototype of the mobile app they are currently working on. It comes with customizable functionality that allows app designers to upload any custom designed fonts, theme designs, custom images and more. 

Buildfire also lets app designers develop mobile apps for both iOS and Android. The apps then can be tested first on your phone for free. But when you want to publish in either platform’s app store, you will have to pay. To be simply, BuildFire has what it takes to help app designers develop from scratch on it’s platform. 

Adobe Experience Design (XD)

Adobe XD is a competitor to Sketch. Sketch is accessible on platforms other than iOS but the features you can access is limited because of its exclusivity to Mac. So if you are a PC user then you’ll love this tool because it has the exact same features as Sketch. 

XD is especially perfect for beginner app designers as it is super easy to use, you will be surprised at how quick you mastered it. Not to mention it’s super fast and smooth, meaning you can concentrate more on developing and experimenting with the design and wireframing. 

Though it is fairly new, thus there are a lot of features that are on similar tools/platforms not available on it. Yet it is a promising and perfect tool/platform app designers, especially beginner app designers. Currently it only supports Windows 10 Anniversary Update, so there’s that. But other than that it is a good too/platform for mobile app development.

Axure RP

If you consider a fullfleged and professional app designers then Axure RP is the complete tool/platform to help you. It has all the necessary tools app designers to work on mobile app development from start to finish. 

Other than letting app designers do prototyping and wireframing it also has features such as flow charts, idea boards, personas, UI design, user journey, graphical documentation etc. If you like to work with codes, then you will love it. Because it allows you to code and add ready to use components, allowing you to create a seamless design. 

If you are wondering if it works for iOS and Windows both, then the answer is, yes. It supports both iOS and Windows. 

These mobile app tools/platforms will greatly improve the development process for app designers. If you are looking for mobile app design blog posts ideas, tips, and tricks—check out our