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Why Now Is The Right Time To Be A Website Developer Or A Web Designer?

The Rise Of Web Design Industry

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A few years back at the mention, or even a thought of working in IT/ICT industry in Malaysia seemed and sounded like a bad decision. Hell, when I was choosing what course should I take in college, my parents vehemently rejected the idea of me taking Graphic Design because they said “it’ll be hard for to land a decent job if you take this course, take up a course that can and will help you get a job easily.”

Thus, I took and went for a different course, which was still within my interest and repertoire yet somehow I ended up in ICT/IT field.

But surprise, surprise. Now the IT/ICT industry is a good place to be because it is booming like crazy right now. People no longer have the same view as they did in the past because now, there are tons of job opportunities in IT/ICT industry because both web designers and website developers are in high demand. The industry is screaming for more web designers and website developers.

The Trigger

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This change happened because of the rising popularity of ecommerce websites and e-merchants; people who use the Internet as their main business platform instead of traditional physical store. This new business concept sees good reception by people, this because people now have the option to shop for their groceries, order foods or shop for things they want from the comfort of their own home.

So, due to good reception this concept been receiving, a lot of businesses now are slowly moving and adapting this concept. When there are more and more businesses adapt to this concept it means there’ll a lot and a hell of competition, so their ecommerce websites design have to be better than the other.

What measures an ecommerce website is good or not are these factors; it must be stable, provides fast and smooth browsing experience, a mere 10 seconds load can have a dire consequences. It also must be secured because people will be sharing sensitive information such as credit card number, bank account number etc. so the website must have top notch security. And lastly, hassle free check out form and easy navigation.

To do all this, they will need at least a web designer and a website developer work for them and create such site, constantly maintaining the ecommerce website integrity. Because a slight downtime could lead to a major drop in sales. Tough job yet high demand equals to a lot of opportunities and openings, also there’s good money in it too.

Tackle This Opportunity Now

As mentioned, businesses are still slowly adapting this ecommerce and e-merchants concept it is not yet in full force even though the competition is high and the demand for web designers and website designers already high. Despite all that, this concept still in its early stages meaning it is still fairly easy for you to break in into the industry as a web designer or a website developer, whether as a full time web designer or website developer or as a freelancer.

So if you are an IT/ICT graduate, and currently working in non-IT/ICT, it is time to hone back your skills and get back on the track that you were meant to be. Now is the time to do so because not only a small web design company that is currently looking to hire a web designer and a website developer to work with them but the big ones as well, but of course the competition will be tight if you are aiming to work in one of the big web design company.

So you might want to start off by working in a smaller web design company, gather all the skills and knowledge, build up your portfolio before making the big jump. Because you’ll face a lot of tough competitions during your interview, so you need to have a solid portfolio even better if you have something other applicants do not.

But what if you are not an IT/ICT graduate? But you still want to dive in at this opportunity? Don’t fret, because there tons of online courses and offline courses (seminars) that can help you get started. There courses that allow you to choose which level you want to join; beginner, intermediate, or advance. Meaning, if you simply want to refresh you can always join the advance or intermediate class but if have totally zero knowledge or just tiny bit then you can always go beginner class.

Unique, Unlike Other Industry

The journey will be tough like in any other industry but what makes it different is that it won’t be as mundane as other standard industries. You’ll encounter all sorts of colorful characters; from clients to your very own colleagues. And constantly discovering and learning new ways to achieve your goals. Latter is thanks to the clients you will encounter, some of them will demand something completely new and seemingly impossible to do. The learning curve, however, will not only grow you as a web designer or a website developer but as an individual as well.