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SEO-Introduction To It And What It Does (Well, The Basics Of It)

SEO Rise To Fame

In the wake of creative and digital industry’s rising, often nowadays we hear the term SEO being thrown around by people in the industry. Yes, SEO been around for ages but only until in recent years it has become more widely known to people outside the industry due to more and more businesses are adopting digital marketing and moving their business to digital market.

And that’s how the term SEO was introduced to the rest of the world, outside of the industry. Before you too start throwing the SEO around town, you need to what does the acronym stands for first. The acronym SEO stands for “search engine optimization”一a method technique that helps a website and it’s pages or certain content such as a video ranked at better position and page on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

How does this works? All three major search engines use complex algorithm (especially Google) to calculate the relevancy, importance and quality of a website’s content then from here a score will be given which dependent on how many people trust the website and it’s content, the website’s quality and relevancy of the topics on the website.


How SEO Optimization Works?

Next, we will take a look at how SEO optimization works. For a website and it’s pages to get high scores from search engines it need to be optimize first in order for it to receive better scores and ranked to a better position and page on a search result page. During optimizations there three thing in mind you need keep in mind: quality, trust and relevancy.

So for example SEO optimization works, it goes like this: you are running an ecommerce website that sells gadgets, which is just recently created and establish,  meaning not a single soul knows of its existence. To solve this, SEO optimization as part of the seo services, is one of the ways to do it. So what will be done is that; the content will have more keywords related to the nature of your ecommerce website and the content should be of high quality. A fair amount of word count is needed as well for crawler bots from search engines to crawl on and so that you can have more keywords variation inserted.

For crawlers or crawl bots (or a.k.a spider) is a type of bot program that scan a website’s content topic relevancy and to discover links leading to another website. Should it detects and scores your content topic as relevant, it’ll help your website to rank. How keywords variation helps in ranking a website on a search engine is like this; imagine you’re searching for an online gadget store and these are what you will type in the search bar: “online gadget store in (insert country)”, “gadget store online” etc. By adding keywords variation for those search term, the chances of your website being ranked and discovered will be higher.

If your website doesn’t contain the one or more keyword that was searched for, on the search engine’s result page it will be crossed out like this:

Meaning the keyword or keywords not found in your website content, this may seem like a small minor thing but because of this you might lose a potential customer. So that is why the keywords should have variation. And SEO depends on these small and meticulous things for it to be successful.

The base concept for SEO is very simple; keep building links, and keep an eye on 200 factors that affect your SEO effectiveness. However, there are many ways, tools and seo agency that can help you to build SEO links for a website, why I talked about in this article is nothing but the basic concept of executing it. I’ll cover more on other methods and techniques later in the future.