Ways To Write A Content That Has More Impact

The best way to attract and keep visitors to your website is by providing corporate web design and content that are both engaging and intriguing. But a great and intriguing content won’t worth much if visitors don’t even bother to scroll down further. A research has shown 55% of all visitors to blog posts and the likes of it, only spent a good amount 15 seconds or even less.

This probably because;

(1) the content is paraphrased from another content just with a little extra cherry topping on top.

(2) No spice and spark to it, like worn out love affairs.

(3) it’s too marketing-ish, too corny. Gives out mega cringe vibe.

Words are raw and your mind is the tool what crafts them into something intriguing and wonderful, so don’t be afraid to play around and experiment with them, be ballsy! Someone told me that, and yeah, it does work. Well~being ballsy all the way without a proper guidelines is a rather risky venture, so here I’m being the generous creature that I am, provides guidelines for you my friends.

7 Tips To Make Your Content More Impactful

If you scrolled down this far then you must be very determined and passionate about copywriting and truly wants to improve your copywriting. Then, you’re right on track my friends, just past this paragraph is the list of ways how you can improve.

Do Research Until Your Brain Falls Out

Well, not literally, i mean you’d be dead that way and a dead copywriter writes nothing. Anyway, if you constantly paraphrase every single topic it is no wonder that your content doesn’t receive much attention.

So what need you need to do first is create a content that is authentic and unique. A content that is different from the rest. Though here’s the thing, the hard part is not writing but the thinking and research you have to do in order to come up with content that is really interesting.

Researching is both time and energy (more like soul) consuming, especially if you’re planning to write on something technical or factual. You don’t want to get the facts wrong, the backlash can have severe effects on your website or blog post. So if you want to be one of the best, you need to be tenacious, resilient when you’re researching because need you need to dig deep before you can extract the valuable information. You know, like a mosquito, no matter how many time you swat them, they’d still come and try to suck the life out of you.

If you’re writing on a topic you’re familiar and has experience with, research time may be cut down by lots. But you still need to do some research, so that you gather enough information to help you create something interesting. But don’t be too confident with yourself when you have experience with the topic, because everyday something new is developed. So you might be missing that one piece of precious information that could help your content go viral, and different from the other more thin, and forgettable content.

Use These 4P Formulas In Your Copywriting

Don’t worry, it won’t involve any numbers just some simple logical equation. There is this one well formula structure in copywriting that many copywriters are applying in their writings and it can be reused over and over again. This formula is known as the 4P.

And they stand for:

  • Problem-Narrate a problem clients are struggling with. This is to establish a relation via common issues.
  • Promise/Convince-Make a promising or convincing pitch about how your product/service/content is unique, how effective it is, and how can it help clients get out of the rut they’re in.
  • Proof-Include testimonials, reviews, and positive comments in order to provide proof or show of your ability to help them solve their problems.
  • Proposal-Seal the deal with a solid call to action.

There are many other formulas out there you can use for other parts of copywriting, not just this one.  

Put Emotions Into Your Copywriting

One of the way to make your content appealing to clients is that put feelings into it, lots of it. Your content must have different writing tones in it; sad, happy, excited, disappointed etc. When stating the common problem that both you and clients are facing, you’re already established a sort of connection. But by appealing to their emotion that connection will become firmer and stronger.

But the question here is, how can you do so? When you write a content make sure you know your clients’ intent, what makes them feel giddy and excited. You can predict these things by knowing the content/product/service you are selling or promoting.

For example:

I know that not just me but a lot of other people feel awfully lethargic at the end of a busy day. Hindering us from doing any other kind of activities. I scoured the Internet, asked people but nothing truly works, I was really disappointed. That is until the day I discovered it, the thing that changed my life 360 degree. It makes me feel energetic throughout the whole day. I’m ecstatic to share this thing with you guys, you will absolutely love it!

Piqued at their interest and curiosity, make them feel excited about it at the beginning of your article. Write about the content/product/service like it’s a great discovery both for you and clients.

Be Meticulous, Keep Track Of Things

It is surprising how big the differences are by changing those, minute details in your content when you look at A/B split testing case studies. A single word change can contribute a huge difference in the outcome.

As shown by a case study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University, a phrase of “a 5$ fee” was changed to “a small 5$ fee” increased the sign up rate to a DVD trial program by 20%. This because the word “small” somewhat provide an illusionary effect on human mind that able convinced the 5$ fee is really, really, really cheap.

So you musn’t only focus on the big picture alone, but on the small details in your content. Because a single word could make or destroy your content. But of course you’d needing a tool of sort to help you. But you don’t have to worry about where to find because WordPress has plenty of A/B split testing plugins.

Anticipate  Haters, And Address Objections, Distrusts

This is a common thing and to be expected in any business industries, there will always be a group of people feel dissatisfied, hate your content/product/services. But it is especially worse with online business, because privacy is the biggest concern. So you need to be careful with what you write, you don’t your product/service/content sounds “too good to be true” because it might make visitors feel suspicious of your website. Else, it can be used against you and your business.

You can’t just write “hey, my product is the best in town. It works 100%!”. You might instead want to write in a level manner while at the same promoting your product/service/content. You can do this by explaining how your product can help, if there’s any doubts or objections address them directly to show that you are truly concern about your customers. Also, this way you can support your argument against the counterargument head on.

If there are any hate comments found within the comment section, remove them. Because nothing good can come out of them. Or if you feel like it, counter those comments with smiles, if they persist remove and block the account.

By interacting so with your clients it takes and eliminates some of the question marks in their mind, and at the same time convincing them.

Narrate Your Copywriting Content

Simply promoting your service/product/content is kind of flat. There is almost no punch to it, heck, the usual marketing pitch might even sound corny and that will make people cringe. So tell about your product in the form of storytelling as it will make it more engaging and enthralling and people sure do love stories, right? So it’ll be an interesting piece for them to read. Though they might not buy it, but they will be introduced to your product/service/content and chances are they will share about it to their friends and family.

Use Power Words In Your Copywriting

Power words are used to invoke, stir emotions in people. Words that will make you feel pumped up, go all excited or even tearing up. These words do more than just relay information, they connect you to people, building relationship.

These power words can be pair up with one of the aforementioned tip; putting emotions into your copywriting. Pair up and use these two tips together to get maximum effects for your copywriting article. Employing these power words in your content it’ll stir the very core of your readers’ souls, leaving a rather huge impact on them.

I bet the thought of having to scour dictionaries and the Internet for which words are the power words already make you feel exhausted. Well, lucky for you and me, we don’t have to do such thing because there is already a comprehensive list of power words made by Smartblogger. You can use this list to pick the power words that you’d like to use in your content. Though if you any other power words, add them, make a list of your own.

Impactful Copywriting

The work of a copywriter on the surface seems rather easy, no? But only God knows how hard it is, it’s like a portion of the soul is consumed every time new content is generated. This is because, for a copywriter to write effectively there are a lot of readings and researching must be done which are both time and energy consuming. Anyone can take up the mantle of a copywriter, but to able to write effectively, not everyone. But if you’re determined to be a great copywriter, steel yourself because the journey to become an effective copywriter is arduous as you will have to learn both writing and software skills.

For starters, you can try these 7 tips to make your copywriting to have more impact on the audience. There are many other tips out there, you just need to scour through the myriads and tons of materials.